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Say 'I Do' at the Enchanting Zoro Garden in Balboa Park - A Hidden Gem Among San Diego Wedding Venues

Zoro Garden | Balboa Park | San Diego wedding photographer

Where is Balboa Park?

Among San Diego's many treasures lies the exquisite gem of Balboa Park, an iconic spot that not only boasts historical significance and architectural splendor but also serves as an idyllic setting for couples seeking a memorable wedding venue. It is located near downtown San Diego.

Beyond its natural and architectural allure, Balboa Park offers a wealth of amenities and services. With ample parking, accessibility, and proximity to renowned hotels, restaurants, and entertainment, couples can ensure a seamless and convenient experience for themselves and their guests.

Where is the Zoro Garden?

Balboa Park is a tapestry of diverse gardens, intricate Spanish-Renaissance architecture, and captivating landscapes. The park's timeless beauty creates an unparalleled backdrop for a celebration of love. The Zoro Garden is a 6-acre sunken garden, located between the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and the Casa de Balboa.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Balboa Park?

Because the Zoro Garden is one of the many outdoor parks managed by the city of San Diego, the permit fee to reserve the space for a wedding ceremony is $275 (as of 2021).

FIRST LOOK: the bridge at Palm Canyon

CEREMONY: Zoro Garden

RECEPTION: Lot 8 San Diego


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