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Best Malibu Wedding Venues | Calamigos Ranch

What make Calamigos Ranch one of the best wedding venues in Malibu?

Calamigos Ranch, with its sprawling grounds adorned by majestic oak trees and lush greenery, provides a natural canvas for capturing stunning wedding photos. The rustic charm of the ranch, complemented by the serene lakes and vibrant flora, sets the stage for an enchanting visual narrative. Calamigos Ranch is one of the most notable wedding venues in Southern California. The 240-acre property holds a variety of ceremony and reception spaces that can accommodate anywhere from 100-400 guests.

What sets Calamigos Ranch apart is its diverse range of settings that cater to various photography styles. From the enchanting gardens to the rustic barns and scenic pathways, each area offers a unique backdrop, allowing photographers to craft a visual story that reflects the couple's love in myriad settings. Couples who choose this stunning location for their wedding day find themselves surrounded by an atmosphere that elevates their love story, creating cherished memories encapsulated in every photograph.

Wedding Photos from the Redwood Room Site at Calamigos Ranch


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